Senseg—Feel the Difference

Senseg enhances touch interfaces with high fidelity tactile effects, a new generation of “haptics.” Whether organizing a desktop or navigating twitter feeds, selecting text or finding hidden objects, tactile sensations make users more productive and applications more engaging.


Jukebox by Fluid Interaction enables browsing your music library with engaging interaction. Hits and favorites are highlighted visually and with tactile textures that naturally guide selection.

With Senseg application developers have precise control over the location and type of effect users experience. Senseg effects have a very broad dynamic range, both in the type of effect delivered and its intensity. Every application can benefit from using feel to guide and reward user actions, whether it is used to minimize visual focus required for accurate operation, or to enrich a multi-modal experience incorporating graphics, sound and feel.

Users feel ridges and grooves as ball rolls over texture.

Senseg haptics are often used in combination with graphics or/and sound for a more engaging and complete sensory experience; other times Senseg effects are used by themselves, such as ‘tagging’ the location of hidden objects that can be discovered only by feel, or to reinforce user actions.