A new solution for haptics

The Senseg technology is a comprehensive solution, integrating mechanical, electronic and software design.

Comprised of our patented and patent pending Senseg’s tixels, Senseg’s electronic module and Senseg’s software APIs, the Senseg solution offers a sophisticated touch feedback user experience with proven accuracy and reliability.

With accuracy down to the level of individual tixels, the technology allows for exceptional control of the produced sensation. Tactile feedback can be localized to individual areas enabling multi-touch user experiences. Since it is easily scalable to small and large surfaces with ultra-thin implementation, the Senseg technology can be applied to virtually any surface including the device’s cover bringing a new dimension of user experience.

Senseg’s technology operates without the need for noisy, energy-intensive vibrating motors or mechanical actuators. This produces a solution which is long lasting, silent and extremely fast in responsiveness. By removing the mechanical inertia, designers have unparalleled freedom to emulate new tactile effects.

Moreover, all of this is done as scalable, care-free solution that does not require mechanically demanding structures or tuning, or synchronization of multiple actuation elements or motors. Naturally, the Senseg technology complies with all standard regulatory specifications for electronic devices (CE, FCC, EMC) and uses less energy to help manufacturers comply with energy-saving requirements.

The Senseg tixel

A portmanteau meaning tactile pixel, tixels are the functional, durable surfaces that output tactile effects. The Senseg tixel is the heart of the entire solution enabling a functional interface which can be applied to almost any surface – flat or curved, hard or soft, transparent (up to 99.9 %) or opaque. The comparable tixel coverage over a surface area provides the possibility to create localized feel for example to each virtual key. In fact, it provides a new dimension of design freedom with tactile enabled responsive surfaces. Virtually any surface regardless of the size or form factor can be Senseg’s technology enabled. For example, tixels can be part of the fabric in a wearable cloth, or part of a glass object. The tixel is highly durable, free from any mechanical movement or wear.

An entirely new concept in tactile interaction, the tixel with multiple patents pending is only available with the Senseg technology. Since this technology can only be found in Senseg equipped devices or structures, partner devices will be able to command higher prices through exclusivity and increased demand for this exceptional user experience.

Senseg electronics module

With low-power operability, the module manages electrical signals sent to the tixel surface. It is safe and reliable. The signal can be modulated for varied strengths of tactile sensation and easily controlled to provide accurate spatial resolution over the surface area. The patent pending Senseg Electronics Module is only available with the Senseg technology which will only be available to consumers in Senseg equipped devices.

The Senseg software

Included in the solution, the software lets designers and programmers create a wide array of haptic effects.
With customer input, Senseg can customize the software solution for enhanced operability and use on different software platforms. The Senseg software package includes the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs); the FeelEx Studio for designing and testing Senseg effects; and a demo application for showcasing the Senseg effects. Partner companies can take full advantage of the myriad of effects available exclusively through Senseg’s solution.

Senseg integration service
A comprehensive solution of hardware, software and effect design, Senseg’s technology can easily be integrated with your existing hard- and software. Designers and developers will be provided with the necessary guidelines and interface to create new application and product experiences. As a member of SETAP, partners will be provided with dedicated support technicians to ensure seamless integration and deployment. And by providing an enriched user experience, the Senseg technology creates added value to your device.

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